Saturday, February 14, 2015

wishlist - spring 2015

It's a long time since I last made a wishlist. But spring is almost here (it's not but let me live in my dream, we had nice weather yesterday) and with new season always comes new inspiration and need for new clothes.

Right now I'm in a phase of not caring about what I wear. Sweatshirt, leggings and beanies are on my daily routine. I almost stopped wearing skirts, not because I wouldn't like them anymore but because I always run out of tights very quickly. But when the annoying winter ends, I'd like to fix my style once again.

Lonely Hearts Club pin | Eyecandy - I started listening to Marina and the Diamonds recently, i love her lyrics and she really inspires me even style-wise, especially her Electra Heart alterego. This rosette is awesome & I need it.

oversized denim jacket | choies  - The times when I used to hate denim are long gone.

kimono | Sheinside - Kimonos are beautiful... definitely gonna buy one for spring

pompom earrings | Eyecandy - Pompoms are now a big trend in Larme-kei and other Japanese styles and I love it! I'm probably going to DIY them though.

white huge platform sneakers - Jeffrey Campbell style. No link because I don't know where to buy them for a reasonable price.

plain black handbag - I realized that nothing says "I'm secretly a 5 years old" like my handbag collection. I really need to buy a more mature one. I don't really care about brands, I'll go with whatever in this style as long as my school stuff fits in there.

Illuminati backpack | balubunny - It's perfection. I love the Illuminati. Enough said.


What items do you want to buy right now?
Do you already have a wishlist for spring? Post it in the comments!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

[Review] TONYMOLY Banana Sleeping Pack

Hi! Today I'm reviewing first item from my recent beauty haul!

Banana Sleeping Pack is the newest product from the popular fruit series by Korean makeup brand TonyMoly, along with their banana hand milk. I've always wanted a product from this series because the fruit packaging is really hard to resist, but none of the previous fruits were suitable for my skin or I just didn't need them.

On the other hand, I have never tried a sleeping pack before so when I first saw this, I knew I have to try it.

Like any other sleeping pack, you're supposed to put this on as the last step of your evening skincare routine, after washing your face and right before you go to sleep. In the morning, you should wash it off your face and find your skin nourished and radiant.

It contains banana and chamomile extracts, banana for skin nourishment and chamomile for calming effects and good sleep. TonyMoly claims everywhere it contains 10 000ppm of banana extracts, which, in case you were wondering, equals to 1%. I'm not sure about how much banana extracts work, but I'm sure that chamomile does have effects on your sleep. That is, if you drink it in a tea. I'm not that sure if it has any effects on the skin. However, I don't think you can ever go wrong with chamomile :)

The advertisement also claims it does not contain any parabens and other "uncool" ingredients. You can read the whole info HERE

As for the packaging, it's obviously supposed to look like a banana but in my opinion, they didn't do such a good job on this one (unlike other TM fruit products). First of all, I was actually really surprised that it doesn't stand on its own, when ordering it, I thought it had a flat bottom. Secondly, the tube doesn't really resemble a banana, apart from its color and the sticker. Shape-wise, it looks more like... idk, a cucumber?

The container itself is a squeeze tube which makes it really easy to use, you just squeeze and apply on your face with your fingers. The smell is a typical artificial banana smell, but a bit more pleasant than that, maybe thanks to the chamomile (god I really hate them ultra-artificial fruit scents).

The consistency of the sleeping pack is just right, at least for me. It's a little thick, but easily spreadable. The color is yellowish white. When applied, it creates a tiny film on your face, which is a bit sticky but nothing that would feel uncomfortable or that would distract my sleep. In the morning, it's usually all absorbed and you don't feel it on your face anymore.

I didn't really expect much from this. Actually, I expected I'd wake up with a rash, which is something that unfortunately happens to me very often when I experiment with skincare. Since it's a pretty new products, there aren't many reviews around so it was really quite a risk for me. But it was a really pleasant surprise! Since I started using it, my usually dry skin has become much smoother and looks healthier and overall better. It only has positive effects on me so far!

After washing it off in the morning, I immediately apply my Lipobase, which is basically just a plain cream packed with fatty components (I have it prescribed by a dermatologist and get it from pharmacy), the only skincare product I use regularly, With this simple treatment, my skin has gotten much better!

Overall rating: 5/5 so far. If you have dry, scaly skin, definitely give it a try!

Hope this was helpful!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Disney tag

Something a bit different today. I don't usually do tags because I can't imagine someone would acutally read that stuff, but I saw this one on Haily's blog and I found it quite interesting. Plus she encouraged me to do this so hey, why not. 

I'm pretty sure I've seen most of the animated Disney movies when I was a kid. I've also seen a lot of older Pixar movies like Finding Nemo, but I'm not going to count them in. I don't watch Disney anymore because I don't like the "new" animation, so don't expect to find Brave, Tangled or Frozen on the list. 

Q. A scene in any Disney movie you wish you could experience

Well, that's a no-brainer. Who wouldn't like to experience a magic carpet ride across the shining, shimmering, splendid whole new world? 

Q. What non-Disney song reminds you or brings back memories of Disney?

None, really. I'm not that much of a fan. 

Q. Which Disney princess has the best dress?

Tiana. I haven't seen the movie but her dress is the bomb.

Q. Favorite Disney song?

How could I possibly pick one? I love pretty much every Lion King (including the sequels!) song, 
majority of Mulan songs, Little Mermaid songs... ugh I could go on and on for days. If I had to pick just one and try not to be really obvious, I'd say Not One Of Us from Lion King 2. 

Oh and honorable mention goes to Pink Elephants On Parade from Dumbo, the ultimate kids-do-not-drink song. When I was little, I loved the song although it scared the shit out of me at the same time. Well, nothing has really changed. 

Q. If you could choose any of the characters to be your best friend who would you choose?

This might seem a bit weird but in Disney movies I have always preferred animals to people. Their characters seem usually much deeper and more relatable than the human ones to me. I don't really think befriending a Disney princess would be fun and this has also much to do with my love for the original Jungle Books, but I think that having Bagheera, Baloo and Kaa for friends would be awesome!
I have always cried when finishing the book, the poem where Mowgli parts with the jungle and his friends is just too much for me.

Q. Which Disney prince would you date?

None. I find the princes in Disney movies to be very generic and their characters flat. And every grown up male character who isn't a prince is kind of a douche (Hercules, Tarzan...). I actually wish there was a Disney movie focusing on the prince instead of the princess. I mean come on, the closest they ever got to this was in Emperor's New Groove.

Q. Who is your favorite Disney princess?

I love Mulan, although she's not a princess. Princess Jasmine is my second favorite. 

Q. Most Memorable Disney villain?

Again, I can't pick just one. I recall loving Cruella when I was little, I love Scar and Zira and their evil songs, but I'm gonna go with Frollo. Most memorable villain song I can imagine. 

Q. What is your favorite Disney movie?

For me, a movie is as good as the songs are, so again Lion King, Mulan and Aladdin. From the non-musical movies it's Alice in Wonderland (the animated one!)

Q. Most underrated Disney movie?

Atlantis. Among my friends, I'm probably the only one who knows that this movie exists. 

Q. Favorite live action Disney movie?

I don't have one. I find them all quite awful. I get the feeling that I might like Maleficent but I haven't seen it yet.

Q. Favorite animated non-Disney movie?

Surprise, although I watch quite a lot of animated stuff, I'm gonna go with my childhood memories. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! It's my favorite Christmas movie as well. It's actually very similar to the old Disney stuff, the plot is cute and the songs are catchy. It's funny I love it so much because here in the Czech Republic we don't have Santa Claus so I don't even know how could I relate to this back then? 

I hope you guys enjoyed this!
Would you like me to do tags more often? Which ones? Feel free to tag me!


Sunday, February 1, 2015

3D Bat Lens in Brown [review]

Hi everyone!
Today I'm going to review my new pair of lenses I got from Lensvillage - the 3D Bat Lens by DollyEye.

3D Bat Lens:

lifespan: 1 year

base curve: 8,6 mm
diameter: 14,8 mm
water content: 38%

They come in prescription as well!

First of all, the design of these lenses is so beautiful and unique, I absolutely fell in love with them. As you can see they have some kind of a lace-y pattern on them. The color is a light, yellowish 

The coverage is medium I'd say, they're not super opaque, but they do make your eyes look brown. However, the pattern could be bigger and blank center a bit smaller in my opinion, this way your natural eye color is showing way too much (unless you're on drugs and/or have huge pupils, that is).

The enlargement and brightening effect is huge on these, They don't even have that big diameter, but they sure look like they do. 

When worn, they feel really comfortable. I did experience some itching while wearing them, but I'd blame that more on me being tired rather than on the lenses. 

This is how they look worn, picture taken with flash on. This picture is pretty extreme, in reality they look more opaque and brown, plus I have extremely small pupils here because of the flash. Anyways, my green is showing a lot in here. 

Here are some shittier pics without a flash:

instagram bonus picture: me & my sis

overall rating
  • color 4/5 (minus one point for insufficient coverage)
  • design 4/5 (beautiful pattern, point down for the blank center)
  • comfort 4/5 (not the most comfy lenses I've ever had, but still comfy enough!)
  • enlargement 5/5 (they really make your eyes pop out!)
I recommend these to anyone who wants unique lenses with a beautiful pattern. Might work better for light brown-eyed people, since they're a bit see-through. I can imagine they'll be perfect for photoshoots! You can buy the lenses here.

That's all, hope it helped!


Friday, January 16, 2015

TONY MOLY Panda's Dream White Magic Cream review

Hi there, I'm back with another review!

I discovered this product via free samples. I usually don't have time to try all of them out so I hand them over to my sister and the moment she tried this one, she loved it, so I decided to buy her a whole panda for Christmas. And because she was so thrilled about it and I read some really positive reviews about it, I had to try it on myself, too.

Panda's Dream White Magic Cream is a makeup/BB base which is supposed to whiten and brighten your skin, neutralize redness and unify your skin tone.

First, I have to say that the whole Panda concept is incredibly cute. I know Tony Moly is known for their cutesy packaging, but this is really good even for their standards. The only thing I don't like about it is the comicsans-like font, but I guess I can overlook that. 

Next thing about the packaging that comes to mind right after opening it is that it maybe is unnecessarily tall, seeing that only the lower half of the panda actually contains the cream and the rest is just a huge (yet cute) lid. But again, the amount of cream itself is 50g, which is enough, given you only need a little to cover your whole face, and if you were a strictly practical person, you would probably never buy this product in the first place.

After opening, the cream is protected with another lid to avoid mess, but it doesn't contain any kind of applicator so you have to use your fingers to apply it on, which is not the most hygienic option.

The cream itself is pure white, light and easily spreadable. Only a little dib is enough for your whole face. The smell of it is not very strong and is quite pleasant, nothing amazing though, it just smells like many other cosmetic products do. 

This is how the cream looks spred and half soaked in, it looks very white and quite glowy...

... but when soaked in completely, I couldn't really see much of a difference.

When I applied it on my face, it didn't look whiter, brighter or unified. My skin is dry and sensitive and instead of neutralizing the redness, I felt like I'm getting red instead. Even with BB cream applied over it, it didn't really do anything magical for me. 

All this is probably because I'm just the wrong skin type for this cream. I already am very pale and don't usually have problems with red spots, plus my skin is rather dry. My sister is a bit darker than me, she has the teenage combination skin and it works for her perfectly (at least so she claims). 

Actually, this product reminds me of the old Holika Holika butterfly cream a lot. Even though this is much cheaper and smells better, I'd say the butterfly cream worked much better for me. 

+ cute
+ easy application
+ will last long
+ smell 

- only works for certain skintypes
- unnecessarily big packaging
- hygiene

Overall, I wouldn't say this product is bad or overrated, it just isn't for people who are already pale and bright (omg this looks like I am a vampire haha) and their skin is dry and/or sensitive. I couldn't find the information for which skintypes it's suitable anywhere, so purchasing it is quite a lottery bet. I really wish I could use it though :C

I got the cream from HERE

Friday, January 2, 2015

Highlights of 2014

The year 2014 wasn't the best year for me. It was a year of huge changes that weren't always good.
But this post is not about the bad stuff. Let's talk about the highlights!

Our prom in February was amazing as well as other proms I've been to that year. I got my CAE certificate and graduated from high school with fairly good grades. I had a really long summer that I didn't really spend according to my plans (for example, I was injured for about 3 weeks in August and it sucked -.-) but there were many good moments as well.

In September, I moved out, and started living my university life in Prague. I study chemistry, don't like my school very much and I hope it gets better eventually but even though it's not easy, I still managed to handle the first semester pretty well so far.

I wanted to travel more but I guess it just wasn't in the cards for me. In June, me and my friends went on a short trip to Berlin which I greatly enjoyed. In July, we went on another trip with other friends, this time to the mountains in Switzerland. Although it was fun and everything, I did not enjoy that one that much. Hiking just isn't my thing, I should have known better. I also went to visit my friend in Bratislava, Slovakia but I'm not sure if it counts as traveling (probably not).

I only made two cosplays this year but I love wearing them I'm proud of them. They both have big weapons and I tried many techniques that were new to me on them. (I still cannot sew tho :C) First is Hextech Janna from LoL and second is Kouha Ren from Magi (oh yeah I really got into Magi this year, who would have guessed that old Stella would start to read manga). I also had a lot of fun at conventions, be it in cosplay or without it.

I also got my first blog sponsorships, did some kickass photoshoots and overall, at least on the internets I'm doing pretty well right now. On the other hand, I currently have no camera and my blogging game was really weak last year. That's one of the things I wish to fix in 2015 ;)

/I was inspired by Haily to do this post/

How was your last year?

I wish you all a happy 2015! Let that year be good to everyone <3

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Getting sponsored?

Hi everybody!

Today's post is about an unusual (for me) and a bit more serious topic. There is that breaking point in every blogger's "career" when they get their first collaboration offer. It's up to everyone if they want to decline and continue blogging about stuff they like without "selling out" or if they're gonna accept and start enjoying all the benefits of being a blogger.

Of course, not every offer you get is beneficial, many are not even legit and some are just outright spam. Some of the people you get into contact with offer you a fair deal, some just want you to work for them for free. It's important to know the difference to make the most from collabs and preserve your blogger dignity at the same time. Consider this post to be a little "guide" to blogger sponsorship and collaboration with stores.

Warning: lots of text T_T

First of all, this is an example of a sponsorship offer done right:

This e-mail looks serious business. Their English language is good and formal. They introduce themselves properly, provide a link to their website, describe what do they do and that they want to establish a collaboration with my blog. They also state that they have worked with many bloggers before, which is an information easily verifiable by Google and it adds some amount of credibility.

Now we get to the highlighted part, which has the most important information. They describe in detail what do they offer and what do they want me to do. In the end of the e-mail, they offer even more information if I'm interested. Fair deal. I indeed wear circle lenses so there was no reason not to accept this.

Some of the offers i get look very similar to this, but they're not quite the same. Let's see:

Now this one looks good at the first sight. Very similar to the one before, right? They're Lookbook Store, they want to collaborate with me, as seen in the first highlighted sentence. They're giving 2 free items for... who? Bloggers who would meet their requirements. What their requirements are? As listed. I'm supposed to send them my blog visits daily to check if I meet their standards...

...wait what?

First they write to me and state that they want to collaborate with me specifically. Later this changes into "we want you if you meet our standards". Note that they don't even say what their standards are. Plus, I'm supposed to send them my blog URL, which is something they should already know since they contacted me because they "stumbled upon" my blog, right? No. This "Stephanie" has probably never seen my blog, otherwise she would have known that I don't meet their standarts (2k followers btw, I had to look this up on their web myself) and she would definitely have had my URL.
So I decided to write back to them to see what they have to say.

So Stephanie is sure I'll meet their requirements soon enough and she wants to "help me" by writing guest posts on my blog and share it on her social media. That's sweet, except not. What would be there in it for me? That's right, I'd be left with nothing but "Girl's Fashion Guide to Increasing Confidence" BS by Stephanie on my blog. I highly doubt my blog traffic would increase, since they were originally the one who needed publicity, not me.

Well played Stephanie but no, thanks.

And some of the "offers" you get are just... ridiculous.
Now this Jason sure seems to like to give compliments a lot. "Bonobos loves style and class, two traits you seem to radiate" - just wow. It also looks serious, they're teaming up with a group of bloggers and they want me to join and they want me to "compliment their winter line on my blog". If I'm interested, they'll send me photos, I make a blog post about them and...? And nothing. One vital information is missing and that is what do they have to offer. Reason? They don't offer anything. They literally want me to work for them for free (or, in this case, for some juicy compliments about my style). I'd really like to see the team of bloggers they were talking about because nobody sane could accept this.

Of course, these have been only examples of what you can expect. I've experienced offers thet were legit, but from stores that were rather shady (milanoo, anyone?), which I sadly had to decline as well. Stores that were asking me to buy something from them first, which is, well, kinda rude thing to ask. And on the list goes.

TLDR: Do and don't when it comes to sponsorship and collabs:
 carefully read every sponsorship offer. That way you cannot be unpleasantly surprised later.
Do take notice of following facts: Does the message seem professional to you? What is their language like? Did they provide all the necessary information?
Do your research before accepting a collab. Does the store sponsor lot of bloggers? Sweet, see how was their experience. Has the store shady past or lots of unsatisfied customers? Let's not promote shitty stuff.

Don't be afraid to ask for clarification or more information.
Don't accept offers that are not beneficial enough for you just for the feeling of collaborating with a store. People who value their self importance over reason are exactly why such ridiculous offers even exist.
Don't accept sponsorships that don't suit the theme of your blog. If you're a makeup blogger and you suddenly write a sponsored post about protein drinks, your readers will think you're selling out.
Don't lie about anything just because you were sponsored. Always write your honest opinion on the store and don't ever feel bad about not kissing their ass.

That't it! Do you agree or not? Do you have any bad experience with sponsorship or you just get a lot of WTF offers? Do you have anything to add on the list? Tell me in comments!